With its strategic location along the second busiest sea trading Straits in the world and the surrounding developed hinterland, the Tanjung Bruas Port has the potential to be developed as a hub for ‘Sea-Air cargoes’.

The Port has a "T"- shaped jetty capable of accommodating ocean-going vessels of up to 180 meters in length (LOA) and up to 20,000 DWT capacity.

A minimum depth of 12 meters is available at the approach to the jetty and the maximum draft alongside the berth is 10.5 meters. 

Vessels below 120 meters LOA can dock at the inner berth. The jetties are linked to the mainland by a 450-meter bridge (trestle) capable of loading up to 30 tonnes

Other services that Tanjung Bruas Port provides are Stevedoring, Fresh Water Supply, Bunkering, Garbage Disposal, Scheduled waste, Sewerage Disposal, Ship To Ship (STS) and Deep Water Point (DWP). 

Port equipment Tanjung Bruas Port provides are:


Port Equipment

1x 7 Tan Forklift
1x 3 Tan Forklift
2x 30 Tan Forklift
3x Excavator SWL 15T
2x Shovel SWL 16T
3x Tipper Truck 10T
2x Semi-Auto Spreader 20T
1x Semi-Auto Spreader 40T
2x Container Reach Taker
6x Prime Mover






General Cargo/Barge, Dry Bulk & Liquid Bulk 1 (Outer Berth) 170 10.5 20,000
General Cargo/Barge, Supply & Service vessels 1 (Inner Berth) 90 7.0 (with tidal restriction) 8,000